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2016 Plot Twist

2016 Plot Twist


This innovative wine combines the old and the new. We took viognier grapes and used them to create a traditional method sparkling wine. In a twist of technique, we topped up this wine with raw viognier juice. We wanted to bring you the best of both worlds – the soft, citrusy flavours of the viognier grapes with the light bubbly texture of a champenoise style sparkling. With a 9 month elevage and 31 day hand riddling program, this wine is truly a blend of the old and the new.


For more information, check out Nikki Bayley's article on things you have to try in July (we're #10!)

  • Suggested Food Pairings

    Fabulous for brunch!

    Because of it's crispness, we suggest smoother, creamer foods (like eggs benedict)

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